Top 5 Summer Party Ideas

Summer time has arrived. Are you planning to host a party? There are several summer party ideas. Choose anyone and have fun.

People consider summer to be the best time with warm weather, clear blue skies and most importantly no snow. It seems people want to enjoy the summer time at the optimal level and celebrate every second of it, especially in areas where winter is really tough and challenging. If you are planning to organize a summer party, you need to be innovative and creative enough with the summer party ideas.

Arrange an unconventional party

While hosting a summer party, it is your responsibility to make sure that all your guests are having fun and enjoyment, despite their ages. Fun and entertaining games for kids and adults can be arranged. Instead of arranging and hosting the conventional style backyard summer party, you can do something different.

How about going at a local skate park with family and friends and host a tail-gate party? Sounds good, isn’t it? You can bring your own food like hot dogs, burgers, cakes, drinks etc. This will be really fun for all. Moreover, the kids get to learn new skills as well.

Beach summer party

Perhaps having a beach party is the best way to celebrate the beautiful weather of the summer season. You can pack your swimming suits and lawn chairs for your guests alongside readymade and get your party rolling. You can also impress your guests by cooking food for them. BBQ is a fantastic option to be considered enjoying the beautiful weather by the sea. Get ready to host the summer party and have memorable moments.

Pool party

When you stay away from the sea, but still want to enjoy and have fun with water, having a pool party seems to be an excellent option to be considered. If you are hosting the party, it is your responsibility to make sure that the pool is absolutely clean. Furthermore, you must also keep arrangements for food and several water or pool games.

You also need to make sure that there are outside games available as well, especially for those who don’t want to get into water. Various types of drinks should be arranged to keep your guests refreshed during the summer. Thus, you need a bar to keep the party organized.

BBQ in the lawns

Barbequing during the summer time has been a convention that people look forward all through the year. You can enjoy great food, great company and an excellent ambience. It is the summer time and the weather is perfect for hosting the barbeque party with your friends and family along with good drinks. It might sound a conventional idea, but always the popular and the most demanding one.

Setting up marquees

If you have a large group of people attending your summer party at your place, you can accentuate your lawn area by hiring a marquee. You can design your very own party and have fun and enjoyment in the best possible manner. You don’t have to spend much on decoration because setting up the marquee with beautiful drapes is in itself an excellent way of embellishment.

Try out the above mentioned ideas and your summer party is going to be a hit.

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Some facts to know about marquee hiring for wedding

Marquee Wedding

The importance of wedding

Wedding is a ceremony in your life, when a number of guests will come to your wedding, if you are not going to do registry only marriage. There is no doubt with the fact that decoration plays an important role in any kind of wedding ceremony, but as a number of guests will come to your wedding, it is advisable that you hire adequate amount of furniture, such that your guests do not face any kind of troubles related to sleeping, sitting, or anything related to comfort. Thus, it is something which can be quite complicated. Apart from providing comfort and decorations, there are a number of other aspects to look at, at the time of wedding.

Decorating agencies

In most of the decorating agencies, the decorating agencies will only help you to decorate the place, where the wedding is going to be held. But, decorations are not everything, as it has been already said. In most of the cases, the decorating agencies are likely to charge you a hefty amount, but that will not be worthy, as they cannot give you the best experience of decorating as you can get from a marquee designer. The decorators will not help you with decorated furniture, and even if they give you furniture on hire, that is not going to be decorated for the special occasion of wedding.

Necessary furniture

If you visit any wedding ceremony, you can find that the chairs available there looks quite different from others, as they are specially decorated for the particular occasion. In most of the cases, when you visit any wedding ceremony, you can find the chairs are covered with clothes, in most of the cases they are red in color, such that it looks beautiful. In most of the cases, you will find that those furniture is provided by a different agency, and the decoration is done by a different agency. But in case of marquee designers, you can get both under one payment.

Wedding coordinator

Apart from decoration, most of the marquee designers can also help you in organizing the wedding ceremony just like the wedding management organizations do. You will not have to do anything, and the wedding coordinators will help you with all the aspects that are necessary for a wedding. There are additional packages provided by a number of marquee designers, and you can do marquee hire for your wedding, who will offer you additional functions like wedding management, under separate packages.

Finding one

If you are looking for marquee hire for your wedding, you should move on to the Internet, and search for the same. There would be a number of marquee designers close to you, and you can call any of them do the decorations for you and also organise the wedding. It is better that you check the reviews given by the clients to those marquee designers, such that you pay for the best job. Once you get the best one within your budget, you should contact them via phone, and talk to them directly about your event.

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Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Supplier

Hiring a wedding supplier is no small matter, and before you do that, you need to make sure to ask the following questions to the potential supplier for your wedding. It will allow you to make sure that they are the real deal, will assure you of their professionalism, and will allow you to remain calm knowing that everything is going to be just okay.

1 – Ask for references and former clients’ contact numbers

It is really important to know that a wedding supplier has had some experience in this area, and that he has already supplied for some big weddings. That is why asking them to give you some references and contact numbers of their former clients is a smart thing to do. It will allow you to make sure that they’re good at their job, and that there have been satisfied customers in the past.

2 – Ask if they are insured

There is a chance that something might go wrong at your wedding; that is something no one desires, but we all still have to prepare ourselves for such a thing. That is why it is important for you to know if the wedding suppliers are insured.

3 – Ask if everything you want would be available on wedding day

You need to double check if everything the supplier has promised is going to be available on your wedding day. You don’t want to hope for something, and only at your wedding to find out that that special something is not coming. Double check everything; it will allow you to make sure that everything you’ve expected is going to be there, and will allow you to see that there are misunderstandings between you and the supplier.

4 – Ask how much they charge

This is something you must ask them before you hire them, because you need to know how much money you are going to need for your wedding. Weddings aren’t cheap, and therefore, knowing the exact amount is always helpful. Also, ask they how they charge: by the amount or by the time spent for example.

5 – Confirm everything

We’ve already said that you need to double check everything, but a couple of days before the wedding you really ought to call the wedding supplier up and ask them if everything is alright and if all is going according to the plan.

In order to fully understand just how big of a deal a wedding is, you ought to start reading some of the wedding magazines. They illustrate everything wedding-related in a simple manner, so that you could figure it all out and know what are all the stuff you need to do before the special day. One of the best ones has to be The Wedding Guide. It makes organizing a wedding so much easier, and allows people to get some new ideas, think of something they haven’t before, or just directly copy a wedding they believe is beautiful.

Contemporary Wedding Ideas

A wedding serves the purpose of setting the love between you and your partner in concrete. So it’s no surprise that people strive to have the best wedding and do so through exploring new and innovative wedding ideas. Of course this comes after you’ve got your eternity wedding band with Orla James.

If you are one of those people then you’ve probably searched everywhere online for new ideas, which is probably what bought you to this page. However a contemporary wedding is still achievable with some traditional elements and definitely stands out amongst the rest of your family’s weddings.

In fact having a great wedding can be quite important when you have family members and friends travelling to attend, as you don’t want to let them down. Therefore keeping your wedding and reception as interactive as possible so as not to disappoint.

Music is often a large part of the wedding reception. Not only is it a great way to break the ice between others but it is also a great way to create the lively atmosphere that you expect from a wedding. It’s a form of entertainment that everyone can get involved in and will be memorable for years to come.

The ceremonial part of the wedding, though most significant is often the least entertaining part of the wedding which is you must keep this part as brief as possible. The recommended time is around 20 mins.

Keeping your wedding as organised as you can is a good idea due to the sheer amount of people. Create a program so that people know where they should be at a particular time to avoid any confusion that could potentially ruin your wedding day.

Once the ceremonial part of your wedding day is over you can greet all your family and friends at your wedding reception. This not only shows that you are thankful for them coming to celebrate your special day. It is important at the wedding reception to arrange the chairs so that guests are comfortable and can interact.

The most important part of your wedding is to enjoy it yourself. After all it is your big day.