Contemporary Wedding Ideas

A wedding serves the purpose of setting the love between you and your partner in concrete. So it’s no surprise that people strive to have the best wedding and do so through exploring new and innovative wedding ideas. Of course this comes after you’ve got your eternity wedding band with Orla James.

If you are one of those people then you’ve probably searched everywhere online for new ideas, which is probably what bought you to this page. However a contemporary wedding is still achievable with some traditional elements and definitely stands out amongst the rest of your family’s weddings.

In fact having a great wedding can be quite important when you have family members and friends travelling to attend, as you don’t want to let them down. Therefore keeping your wedding and reception as interactive as possible so as not to disappoint.

Music is often a large part of the wedding reception. Not only is it a great way to break the ice between others but it is also a great way to create the lively atmosphere that you expect from a wedding. It’s a form of entertainment that everyone can get involved in and will be memorable for years to come.

The ceremonial part of the wedding, though most significant is often the least entertaining part of the wedding which is you must keep this part as brief as possible. The recommended time is around 20 mins.

Keeping your wedding as organised as you can is a good idea due to the sheer amount of people. Create a program so that people know where they should be at a particular time to avoid any confusion that could potentially ruin your wedding day.

Once the ceremonial part of your wedding day is over you can greet all your family and friends at your wedding reception. This not only shows that you are thankful for them coming to celebrate your special day. It is important at the wedding reception to arrange the chairs so that guests are comfortable and can interact.

The most important part of your wedding is to enjoy it yourself. After all it is your big day.

Using Hot Foil for Wedding Invitations

Hot foil printing is also known as foil blocking. Foil blocking give a stunning and beautiful metallic finish. This traditional hand printing method creates a beautiful finish that shines in the light. A metal plate is engraved with a design, and then is heated and pressed onto a card with a sheet of foil between the two. This brands the card with your design in a metallic finish.

Hot foil printing can be used for many different aspects of your wedding, including but not exclusive to:

  • Foil printing is an elegant way forward to creating stunning wedding invitations. Inform your family and friends of your special day with an eye-catching design! Foil printed invitations set the tone for your big day, with a professional and stylish invitation
  • On the day, hot foil adds a special touch to the event with printed place name cards, which are sure to be kept due to their beautiful design and appearance.

There are a range of advantages and disadvantages for foil printing.


  • Foil printing is available in a range of colours. The traditional colours used are gold and silver, but any colour imaginable is available, from blues to pinks! Therefore, if you are thinking of a colour scheme for your wedding, your invitations can match this theme!
  • Foil printing, unlike thermography, lithography and letterpress, does not use any ink. Therefore, the foil colour does not change based on the type of card or colour of card printed upon. This means that light coloured foils can be printed upon dark coloured cards, whereas light ink cannot be used upon dark cards.
  • A variety of finishes can be used, including metallic, matte, glossy, and pearlescent. Patterns such as marbling can even be used!
  • Semi-transparent foils can be used if you do want the paper colour to show through.
  • Metallic foils have a shiny finish, whereas metallic ink-based printing can fall flat in terms of shimmer.


  • As foil is applied by heat, it should not be applied near text or designs already applied by thermography. The heat may melt the thermography.
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Your Way To A Smooth And Silky Skin for your wedding

I know, beauty is more than skin deep, but having a smooth one can’t hurt. Besides your skin status can say a lot about what’s going on inside your body. If you can do something to make your skin look great, why settle for doing nothing just because you’d rather be defined by your inner beauty?

There’s nothing wrong with focusing on that, what’s wrong is neglecting to take care of your outside beauty in the fear of being branded as vain. It’s not vanity honey, it’s called being responsible for every part of yourself. And that includes our skin, which is the largest organ in our body, therefore it’s only reasonable for you to take charge of it.

Here are some ways that will help you accomplish the job.

Shield Your Skin From The Sun

There’s reason why sunscreen products are never limited to summer seasons. Ultraviolet rays all year round increases your risks for skin cancer, causes skin aging and more. Never go out without wearing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, do not expose yourself to the rays between 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. and when it’s specifically sunny, long-sleeved shirts and wide brim hats are your best friends.

Quit Sucking Nicotine

It’s not only bad for your lungs; it can also wreak your skin. You can get those dreaded wrinkles just from the simple act of sucking the smoke, aside from that your face starts looking older than you really are because smoking damages the collagen and elastin which is responsible for the youthful look of the skin.

Know The Specific Care Your Skin Type Needs

Just because it’s the most expensive skin product in the market doesn’t mean it will work wonders on you. If you have dry skin, look for products designed for dry skin; only then that you’ll get the results that you’re looking for.

Rid Your Body With Those Unwanted Hair

Yes, hairy body parts don’t mean bad skin. However, if you want to achieve a really smooth and silky skin, hair removal is a must. Now if you’re looking for a method that is effective, safe, almost pain-free with long lasting results, laser hair removal if perfect for you.

Seek Professional Help Whether It’s For Skin Problem Or Skin Improvement

Don’t try to take skin matters into your own hands. Self-medication or playing amateur dermatologist often just leads to bigger problems. You could visit clinics such as Wellness Clinic; for laser hair removal, it could be the best hair removal method but if done improperly it can also be the worst.

Your skin is one of your most valuable assets; do not skimp of skin care if you want to keep it in its best condition. It’s the only skin you’ll ever get, work on having a smooth skin and flaunt it!




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Choosing Your Stag Party Minibus

Many individuals define stag parties as men’s last night of freedom therefore these men deserves to let loose before tying the knot. Stag parties are also men’s well-deserved breaks from the hectic and stressful wedding planning that nearly consumed their life for couple of months.

Men who are soon to get married still deserve a big night off too. Stag party is their best opportunity to gather their closest friends together and enjoy. Stag party does not happen frequently so men should take advantage of this event because this is somehow a good and exciting thing.

Choosing a stag party minibus has been a common part of most stag parties, however this is not really an easy task knowing that there are overwhelming options available. To minimize your effort looking for the best stag part mini bus, the following ways can help you:

  • Choose a Professional Chauffeured Stag Party Mini Bus that Put Awesome Party on Wheels      

To experience and enjoy the wildest and most enjoyable night of your life, renting a tag party mini bus is an ideal option to take. This bus is capable of bringing your party to different locations like bars, strip clubs and more. You can even stretch your stag party to a day-long celebration of you really like to. One of the best reasons why to choose and rent chauffeured stag party mini bus for your stag party is that you no longer have to worry about driving and drinking. You do not also need to choose someone from your stag party and let the person be responsible for driving and getting everyone home safe. Another best thing is that you can travel with groups continuing to drink from one destination to another.

  • See the Stag Party Mini Bus Service Provider in Person

Booking for a stag party mini bus hire essex can be a possible option but as much as possible, take time to see and visit the service provider. This is an ideal way of meeting and evaluating the drivers, assessing the quality and models of mini bus and more. You and your close friends will be traveling together in this bus so it pays if you everyone feels comfortable with the mini bus driver.

  • Go for Firm Prices

The cost of the service is a crucial factor to be considered when choosing your stag party mini bus. Know exactly the amount that that mini bus intends to charge for the hours you have reserved the vehicle and ensure that you get these numbers in writing. This is essential for two main reasons, first is for the company not to tack extra charges and second is to ensure that all individuals can contribute equal amount for the ride in case this was the agreement in the first place.

Renting stag party mini bus has become a popular idea for adult men who are soon to settle down. This mini bus is often rented for bachelor parties and many other private gatherings. Some stag party mini bus service provider adds some unique and interesting touches to make stag parties more memorable.