Who To Hire When Planning A Wedding

To planning a wedding one can plan the event himself by hiring caterer. Decorators, photographer etc. individually or by hiring a wedding planner or event management groups. Wedding planner or Event Managers are might be the person or group of professionals who assists with the design, planning and management of a client’s wedding. There are many courses for studding Wedding Planning Management or Event Management.

The Wedding Planner is the person who plans and executes the event of wedding, taking all the responsibility of overall event designing and executing. In the event of hiring wedding planner or event management groups’ clients need not   to take any headache about planning and executing event managements and everything will go smoothly and properly in a specified and directed manner. Need A Bar is such kind of planner-agent who are committed to make your special function a success, and available to discuss your requirements and will give you an advice about best options for you.

Services Rendered by Wedding Planner:-

  1. Interview the  bride and groom and their parents to collect the information how they want the wedding to be.
  2. Preparing the budget.
  1. Make a detailed Checklist
  2. Booking of ceremony and reception venues
  3. Visit Supercar Hire and book your wedding car
  4. Selection of colour, theme and style of the wedding
  5. Purchasing dresses for the bride and groom
  6. If there are engagement ceremony before the date of wedding plan for that event also
  7. Wedding day coordination
  8. Making a guest list and tracking who are going to be attend the ceremony.
  9. Consult with Caterer and plan for the menu of food on the date of ceremony.
  10. Consult with decorators and plan for the decoration of venue on the specified date.
  11. Consult with Photographers and videographers for the photo shoot on the specified date.
  12. Contracting with wedding professionals and service providers i.e. beauticians, florists, sweets, buffet, drinks, etc. and contract preparation and execution.
  13. Deliveries services on the date of ceremony.
  14. Preparing legal documentation.
  15. Make an alternative plan in the event of any disaster.
  16. Purchasing various wedding attire and accessories.
  17. Purchasing Co2 Gas Beer Cylinders to enhance the flavour and presentation of the beer.
  18. Negotiating with vendors.
  19. Coordination with vendors and consult with them time to time.
  20. Reviewing the contracts made with vendors and ensure that services to be provided timely.
  21. Payment of fees to the vendors.


  1. Give the updates to the clients about the services of vendors.


  1. Helping the bride and groom to be stressed out on the special day.


  1. Honeymoon planning


  1. Announced about the engagement in newspaper it clients request.


  1. Do all the paper works properly.


Top 5 Activities To Do On A Stag-Do

If you are arranging for a stag party then indoor games are the best option. While placing a stag party you need to have plenty of ideas for epic games as well as plenty of activities such as Aqualand tickets at Algarve Fun for those Stag-Do’s that are abroad. Indoor games are the best option to liven up a stag party and keep everyone entertained in Mayday Travel London. Here are top five:

– Live escape game challenge

This is a game to be played in teams in between two and six people.

The person will have just 60 minutes to escape from a locked room. All you have to do is look for clues and solve the puzzles. You need to work together and direct yourself towards the exit. In those 60 minutes you need to find your way out of the room. You need teamwork and brainpower.

– Distillery tour

This is one activity that stags enjoy every time. Take a trip to see a fully operational distillery where you will hear, see, smell and even taste what it is like to be in a distillery. Once the tour gets over, you can enjoy some drinks.

– Indoor paintball game

Paintball is an exciting and fast-paced combat game. Using compressed-air paintball guns, players compete in teams or solo to eliminate other players of the opponent team from the field. It’s a fun game.

– Bowling

It is a leisure activity in which a player rolls or throws a bowling ball to knock down some objects. The player achieves his goal when he knocks off all the objects at one go. Bowling is the perfect opportunity to grab the lads’ abs and have some fun on your stag.

– Karting

The weather will pose no threat to your night if you choose to partake in Karting. There are a range of different indoor Karting facilities to choose from with a Karting course that will test even the most experienced of driver’s skills. To make it more fun, you can create a theme party.