Who To Hire When Planning A Wedding

To planning a wedding one can plan the event himself by hiring caterer. Decorators, photographer etc. individually or by hiring a wedding planner or event management groups. Wedding planner or Event Managers are might be the person or group of professionals who assists with the design, planning and management of a client’s wedding. There are many courses for studding Wedding Planning Management or Event Management.

The Wedding Planner is the person who plans and executes the event of wedding, taking all the responsibility of overall event designing and executing. In the event of hiring wedding planner or event management groups’ clients need not   to take any headache about planning and executing event managements and everything will go smoothly and properly in a specified and directed manner. Need A Bar is such kind of planner-agent who are committed to make your special function a success, and available to discuss your requirements and will give you an advice about best options for you.

Services Rendered by Wedding Planner:-

  1. Interview the  bride and groom and their parents to collect the information how they want the wedding to be.
  2. Preparing the budget.
  1. Make a detailed Checklist
  2. Booking of ceremony and reception venues
  3. Visit Supercar Hire and book your wedding car
  4. Selection of colour, theme and style of the wedding
  5. Purchasing dresses for the bride and groom
  6. If there are engagement ceremony before the date of wedding plan for that event also
  7. Wedding day coordination
  8. Making a guest list and tracking who are going to be attend the ceremony.
  9. Consult with Caterer and plan for the menu of food on the date of ceremony.
  10. Consult with decorators and plan for the decoration of venue on the specified date.
  11. Consult with Photographers and videographers for the photo shoot on the specified date.
  12. Contracting with wedding professionals and service providers i.e. beauticians, florists, sweets, buffet, drinks, etc. and contract preparation and execution.
  13. Deliveries services on the date of ceremony.
  14. Preparing legal documentation.
  15. Make an alternative plan in the event of any disaster.
  16. Purchasing various wedding attire and accessories.
  17. Purchasing Co2 Gas Beer Cylinders to enhance the flavour and presentation of the beer.
  18. Negotiating with vendors.
  19. Coordination with vendors and consult with them time to time.
  20. Reviewing the contracts made with vendors and ensure that services to be provided timely.
  21. Payment of fees to the vendors.


  1. Give the updates to the clients about the services of vendors.


  1. Helping the bride and groom to be stressed out on the special day.


  1. Honeymoon planning


  1. Announced about the engagement in newspaper it clients request.


  1. Do all the paper works properly.


Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Supplier

Hiring a wedding supplier is no small matter, and before you do that, you need to make sure to ask the following questions to the potential supplier for your wedding. It will allow you to make sure that they are the real deal, will assure you of their professionalism, and will allow you to remain calm knowing that everything is going to be just okay.

1 – Ask for references and former clients’ contact numbers

It is really important to know that a wedding supplier has had some experience in this area, and that he has already supplied for some big weddings. That is why asking them to give you some references and contact numbers of their former clients is a smart thing to do. It will allow you to make sure that they’re good at their job, and that there have been satisfied customers in the past.

2 – Ask if they are insured

There is a chance that something might go wrong at your wedding; that is something no one desires, but we all still have to prepare ourselves for such a thing. That is why it is important for you to know if the wedding suppliers are insured.

3 – Ask if everything you want would be available on wedding day

You need to double check if everything the supplier has promised is going to be available on your wedding day. You don’t want to hope for something, and only at your wedding to find out that that special something is not coming. Double check everything; it will allow you to make sure that everything you’ve expected is going to be there, and will allow you to see that there are misunderstandings between you and the supplier.

4 – Ask how much they charge

This is something you must ask them before you hire them, because you need to know how much money you are going to need for your wedding. Weddings aren’t cheap, and therefore, knowing the exact amount is always helpful. Also, ask they how they charge: by the amount or by the time spent for example.

5 – Confirm everything

We’ve already said that you need to double check everything, but a couple of days before the wedding you really ought to call the wedding supplier up and ask them if everything is alright and if all is going according to the plan.

In order to fully understand just how big of a deal a wedding is, you ought to start reading some of the wedding magazines. They illustrate everything wedding-related in a simple manner, so that you could figure it all out and know what are all the stuff you need to do before the special day. One of the best ones has to be The Wedding Guide. It makes organizing a wedding so much easier, and allows people to get some new ideas, think of something they haven’t before, or just directly copy a wedding they believe is beautiful.

Advantages of Installing Photo Booths in Wedding

Photo Booth

Nowadays, people are crazier towards fashion and style statements. It is increasing every day since everyone wants to have a unique look. So, we wear different models and designs of clothes in order to look fashionable and attract others. In the same way, most of the people love to organise their best moments of life like wedding or birthday parties in a unique and different way.

The photo booths are the latest addition seen in the fashionable and high-class wedding parties. If you wish to do something new or add attraction to your wedding occasion, then hire photo booths. They are easily available and given for rent by several wedding agencies. It gives a tremendous look to the parties and weddings. It is portable and can be installed in quick time. When you hire a photo booth from a hiring company, they would install and help in functioning of the photo booth.

We come across several occasions in our life like birthday functions, wedding party, and new product launch or business event. When you wish to make the party memorable and entertain the visitors in a best way, the photo booth is the right suggestion. The guest can come wish you and also take funny pictures and cherish their happy moments. The photo booth is easily available on daily, weekly and hourly basis. You can choose a particular kind of photo booth according to your wish and requirement.

The guests can enjoy various features like editing, adding logos, texts, dates, etc. For instance, if the guest does not like the background, then they can change using the editing option if you rent your photo booth from OMG! Photo Booth Hire. There is no limit that you need to take only such limited photographs. You can click on number of photos you want with your relatives, friends and the wedding couples. You will be provided with two copies, which you can save for one for remembrance and another to share the moment with your family and friends.

Why to Hire a Wedding Decorator?

bridal  decor

Most of the couples in the present day are choosing to hire wedding decorators since wedding functions are complex to organize. Wedding decoration service is popular these years. The couples and family members would not miss leaving any event or guest, and they would wish to outsource the entire wedding decoration and arrangement process to a contractor. They always have two choices whether to do it by themselves or hire a professional wedding decorator. Here listing some of the advantages of hiring a wedding contractor.

Since you are giving the work to a professional, he/she would have lots of contacts and be in touch with the wedding service providers. They know the toughness and works involves making a wedding a successful event. This way, the wedding couples and the family members can simply enjoy and relax by letting the professionals perform the work.

When you are hiring the professionals, you will have to pay only for that contractor, and there is no need to spend anything expensive. The wedding contractors would know who provide affordable services and where to quality and cheap services for various works. They would help to minimize and cut down the unnecessary expenses involved in the wedding arrangement process. They also provide good deals and discounts since they are long term customers, and therefore you can spend a minimum of such materials.

Remember, wedding day remains as a special and memorable day in everyone’s life. It has to be perfect and tension free. It is essential to ensure that each and every second of the day remains memorable without any worries or emergency situations.

The wedding decorators save your time by organizing the work in a neat and confidential manner. Since they have experience and serving in the same industry for several years, they would know how to approach and satisfy their clients.